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Each type of mushroom has its own unique flavor. A recipe that works well for one type, may not work well for another. On these pages, you will find some cooking ideas designed to accentuate the various mushroom we offer and showcase each at its very best. Many recipes have vegetarian or vegan options as indicated. We hope you enjoy!


Oyster Recipes



Shiitake Recipes



Chicken of the Woods Recipes



Chanterelle Recipes



Miscellaneous Mushroom Recipes




Cooking with mushrooms


All mushrooms should be cooked before you eat them. Chitin in cell walls of mushrooms makes digestion very difficult. Cooking breaks down those cell walls making the wonderful nution in mushrooms bioavailable to your body. Sauting is an important basic skill. Watch the informative video below to learn more.


Another basic is mushroom stock. You will use stock in many recipes and it can be substitued for beef or chicking stock as well. Here is a simple recipe for making this staple using kitchen scraps. Make it when time permits, and then freeze to use in recipes when needed.


RECIPE:  Mushroom Stock From Kitchen Scraps Vegan

Blendability...a new & healthy technique

Reduce the amount of fat and cholesterol in your meals by adding mushrooms into traditional recipes such as hamburgers, sloppy joes, lasagna, tacos, and more. Learn the technique in this interesting video. Visit the recipes page for a meatloaf recipe.

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